About Warwickshire County Council

The County Council is at the heart of everything that takes place in and around Warwickshire. Like all public sector organisations, we face challenges and are tackling these with our innovative  programme of transformation.

We are currently looking for a Strategic Director Communities and an Assistant Director Finance and ICT, to be part of our ambitious journey. 

The Strategic Director Communities will become vacant from the end of March 2019. Our Strategic Director posts for Communities and Resources are currently covered by our Joint Managing Directors, David Carter and Monica Fogarty.  David Carter is retiring in March 2019 and at this point we will change to a single Chief Executive structure. Monica Fogarty will take up this role from April 2019.

Warwickshire County Council has developed its current operating model organically over many years. Service delivery is stable and services have successfully delivered savings.

Frontline services have sought to deal with increasing levels of need by building community resilience and establishing self-supporting communities over a number of years.

The increasing demand on our services is well evidenced. Warwickshire’s population has increased by 5% in the past decade with a further 5% increase projected over the next ten years. This, combined with changes in how Local Government is financed, creates a revenue gap that we are responding to.

The current Medium Term Financial Plan (MTFP) takes us to 2020, which is why a new plan and operating model is necessary, so we can address the challenges we know are coming our way.

Our new model will enable us to deliver our two corporate outcomes and create a sustainable county council.  It will focus the whole organisation in a single strategic direction to serve our residents and businesses well in the future. Key to our success is having the right leadership capability and capacity in place at a senior level. This will create a senior leadership capability and structure which;

  • enables a strategy and commissioning-driven organisation focused on managing demand
  • delivers lean and efficient services
  • increases income through commercialisation
Our new operating model



Leadership team structure