Job description - Assistant Director - Enabling Services

Directorate:  Resources
Accountable to: Director of Resources
Accountable for: • FM
• Construction
• ICT Operations
• HR
• Payroll
• Pensions
• Exchequer
Salary band Hay - Assistant Director
Pay band: £84,038 – £109,367
Political restriction Yes
Location Warwick based with the ability to travel and work countrywide.
Annual revenue and capital expenditure budget Approx. £45million
Staffing 490 FTE


Job purpose
  • The Assistant Director Enabling Services will be responsible for the delivery of high performing services which contribute to the strategic outcomes of the Warwickshire One Organisational Plan (OOP).
  • The Assistant Director Enabling Services will have direct operational responsibility for services, working closely with our partners and communities to ensure consistent service delivery across the County of Warwickshire.
  • The Assistant Director Enabling Services will maximise commercial opportunities and income streams to enable the financial sustainability of WCC.
  • The Assistant Director Enabling Services will deliver a mixed economy of services at the most optimum cost of delivery through the delivery of lean and efficient services and adoption of modern working practices.
  • The Assistant Director Enabling Services will ensure that services are delivered proportionate to need, building and strengthening our community capacity to enable a stronger resilience base.

With regard to the relevant service portfolio the post holder will:

  • Deliver to the operational vision of the service(s) as set by the One Organisational Plan (OOP) and the organisations strategies
  • Take accountability for operational outcomes, performance, management and delivery of the services
  • Develop a robust operational business plan to ensure operational requirements are delivered to time, quality, budget and performance standards
  • In partnership with the Strategy and Commissioning functions, develop and implement approaches to transformation in line with the organisational design principles and new operating model
  • Ensure service areas set and operate robust financial plans and controls
  • Meet the reporting requirements as set out in the Council’s performance framework
  • Lead, manage and drive through operational objectives of the service
  • Manage and control allocated operational budgets to ensure the council delivers a balanced budget and achieves savings across the service
  • Deliver allocated service specifications, statutory or regulatory duties
  • Ensure the safe operation of the business and for compliance with appropriate regulations and legislation
Management of resources and continuous improvement
  • Gather and analyse information across the whole service system to identify and understand and consider fresh approaches to improving service delivery
  • Set clear measures of success to drive down costs, where appropriate generate income and deliver against specified outcomes
  • Lead on achieving the optimum quality demonstrated through customer satisfaction levels
  • Manage the integrated customer pathways, working collaboratively across organisational boundaries to ensure the most effective deployment of both internal and external resources
  • Ensure operational contractual arrangements are managed effectively to ensure the operational requirements of the service are delivered
  • Manage all activity within the services and ensure the delivery of demonstrable performance and outcomes as outlined in the council’s service specification/s
People leadership
  • Establish a culture and environment of excellence and high performance across the workforce where innovation and creativity is encouraged and rewarded
  • Ensure services have the right capacity and capability to deliver service priorities through effective workforce planning, recruitment and talent management planning
  • Develop effective relationships with key partners, customers and stakeholders in order to deliver high quality and professional services.
  • Ensure the service has the right people in the right roles with the right skills and behaviours to maximise performance
  • Ensuring most effective use of resources, including financial management, human resources and delivering outcomes through effective contract and performance management
  • Act and operate corporately across WCC adopting a one council approach
  • Act as a positive role model for ‘our behaviours’ at all times
Core competencies of the role

The post holder must be able to demonstrate that they role model the Warwickshire values and six behaviours in carrying out their role.


Our behaviours


In addition they must demonstrate the following role specific competencies:

Business acumen • Business mind-set who identifies business opportunities and takes measured risks to grow business
• Understands unit costs, optimises business revenue and where appropriate profit and shareholder return
• Aligns decisions and priorities to strategic outcomes and commissioner / contract requirements
Client relationship management • Builds strong relationships based on credibility and trust with the commissioner and wider organisation
• Provides open and transparent service performance information
Organisational leadership • Delivers high performing services and outcomes in line with commissioned requirements
• Provides high quality service outcomes at optimum efficiency and cost provision
• Ensures service outcomes meet statutory requirements and standards
• Builds a strong quality and customer focussed ethos across their teams and services
Personal resilience • Demonstrates the personal ambition and drive to succeed
• Delivers on promises
• Overcomes adversity and setbacks
• Strives to be the best and deliver excellence
• Balances drive to deliver and succeed with strong business ethics safeguarding the vulnerable and both personal and the Council’s reputation
Leadership and Management
People leadership • Optimum structures
• Leads and inspires high performing teams and people
• Talent acquisition and development
• Reward and recognition
• Engages and motivates the workforce
Management of resources • Achievement of outcomes at optimal costs
• Manages quality assurance
• Holds functions to account for deliverables, quality and costs
• Generates income and commercial growth plans
Organisational leadership • Cross organisation and wider sector collaboration
• Models innovation and champions diversity and creativity
Strategic planning • Contributes to the Corporate Strategic Plan
• Defines the Strategic Plan for Functional area/s
• Uses whole system thinking
• Needs driven
Continuous improvement • Service transformation and continuous performance improvement
• Thinks outside of “Warwickshire” – bring ideas and innovation from other sectors and organisations
• Develops end to end improvement plans based on the needs of our customers
• Uses technology and innovation to improve the customer experience and maximise service efficiency
• Develops strategies for the effective use of technology to deliver service improvements
• Role models self-service and modern working practices