Job description - Assistant Director Communities

Directorate: Communities
Accountable to: Strategic Director Communities
Accountable for:
  • Transport Strategy
  • Highways Strategy
  • Strategic Planning
  • Economy & Skills
  • Strategic Infrastructure
  • Waste Strategy
  • Environment Strategy
  • Emergency Planning
  • Community Safety 
  • Trading Standards
  • Regional Partnerships
Salary band Hay Management Band - AD
Salary range £85,719 – £ 111,555
Political restriction Yes

The budget is £33,273,000.

There is a 3 year capital budget in the region of £27,186,000.

Staffing Approx. 204



Work is underway to transform our organisation, creating one that is financially sustainable, driving down need and growing our income. Our new operating model implementation is underway with completion by spring 2020.

How we commission our services will be core to our new operating model. Therefore, we will transform our strategy and commissioning capabilities, capacity and practices.

Our Strategic and Commissioning practices will be embedded in what we do, how we do things and how we work. Our practices will be evidence led, strategically aligned to our outcomes, focused on achieving high quality, cost effective service outcomes through robust performance management.

As an Assistant Director of Strategy and Commissioning at Warwickshire County Council (WCC) you will be part of our senior leadership team working in partnership with other Assistant Directors of Strategy and Commissioning and Services to deliver the organisational outcomes.

Job purpose
  • The Assistant Director  will ensure WCC only commission services and activities that contribute to Warwickshire’s strategic outcomes. 
  • They will be clear of their commissioning intentions and how these will be monitored and measured. They will ensure that activities that do not contribute to Warwickshire’s strategic outcomes are decommissioned.
  • The Assistant Director  will plan and allocate resources around need and priorities, aligned to Warwickshire’s new operating model and the One Organisational Plan (OOP). 

Ensure statutory duties within the remit of the post are met.

With regard to the relevant services portfolio the post holder will:

Strategic/operational planning and organisational leadership
  • Contribute to the longer-term commissioning and financial strategy to meet the objectives of the Councils One Organisation Plan (OOP) and transformation agenda
  • Develop the 3-5 year strategy (including commissioning and financial strategies)  and priority outcomes and intentions
  • Develop the medium-term financial strategy for the commissioning portfolio, ensuring spending is kept within the agreed limits
  • Develop the appropriate service commissioning strategies to commission the right provider to meet the strategic outcomes through a right sourced, mixed economy of internal and external supply
  • Lead the strategic development and redesign of services in accordance with Warwickshire’s operating model and design principles
  • Act as place shaper and market developer, building strong partnerships based on trust and a strong performance management culture
  • Develop policy relevant to the strategic outcomes and intentions
  • Representing the interests of the Council on external bodies and networks
  • Lead on the development of options appraisals to assess the most suitable means of delivery along with the production of business cases to support this
  • Negotiate robust supplier contracts and monitor their ongoing commercial effectiveness taking remedial action where necessary
Management of resources and continuous improvement
  • Performance monitoring of services ensuring quality services to meet performance measures and where relevant external inspection requirements and standards
  • Work in partnership with the Assistant Directors of Service(s) to appraise services to monitor delivery capabilities and capacity
  • Work in partnership with Assistant Directors of Service(s) to strive for continuous improvement and service transformation, identifying innovative and creative ways to provide services, using digital technology and other resources to deliver excellence
  • Allocate the operational budgets
People leadership
  • Identify and develop the required capability and capacity of the strategic and commissioning team
  • Where appropriate lead on joint strategy and commissioning across partner organisations, communities and districts taking a collaborative and strategic approach to ensure that services are provided from the right place, in the right way irrespective of where the funding is located
  • Working collaboratively, provide strategic leadership to integrate commissioning functions across the organisation
  • Engagement with key stakeholders including statutory partners, service providers and customers
  • Act and operate corporately across WCC adopting a one council approach
  • Act as a positive role model for ‘our behaviours’ at all times
Core competencies of the role

The post holder must be able to demonstrate that they role model the Warwickshire values and six behaviours in carrying out their role.


Our behaviours


In addition they must demonstrate the following role specific competencies:

Strategic thinking • Evidence based needs assessment and gap analysis
• Reviewing priorities and determining strategic outcomes
• Stakeholder management and relationship builder
Change management • Influencing the market
• Designing services and shaping structure of supply
• Planning capacity and demand management
• Negotiation and influence
• Managing provider relationships
Commercial acumen • Performance management
• Contract management
• Quality assurance, high performing services
• Financial assurance, value for money provision
Innovation • Creative thinking
• Thought leader and shaper
• Problem solver
Personal resilience • Demonstrates the personal ambition and drive to succeed
• Delivers on promises
• Overcomes adversity and setbacks
• Strives to be the best and deliver excellence
• Balances drive to deliver and succeed with strong business ethics safeguarding the vulnerable and both personal and the Council’s reputation
Leadership and management
People management • Optimum structures
• Leads and inspires high performing teams and people •Talent acquisition and development
• Reward and recognition
• Engages and motivates the workforce
Management of resources • Achievement of outcomes at optimal costs
• Manages quality assurance
• Holds functions to account for deliverables, quality and costs
• Generates income and commercial growth plans
Organisational leadership • Cross organisation and wider sector collaboration
• Models innovation and champions diversity and creativity
Strategic planning • Contributes to the Corporate Strategic Plan
• Defines the Strategic Plan for Functional area/s
• Uses whole system thinking
• Needs driven
Continuous improvement • Service transformation and continuous performance improvement
• Thinks outside of “Warwickshire” – bring ideas and innovation from other sectors and organisations
• Develops end to end improvement plans based on the needs of our customers
• Uses technology and innovation to improve the customer experience and maximise service efficiency
• Develops strategies for the effective use of technology to deliver service improvements
• Role models self-service and modern working practices