Job description - Strategic Director of Communities

Accountable to: Chief Executive
Accountable for: Communities Directorate
Salary band Hay Management Band A
Salary range £132,038 - £146,464
Political restriction Yes
Location Warwick based with the ability to travel and work countrywide
Approx. staffing budget £36.8m
Staffing c 1,300 FTE
Gross annual revenue and capital budget £332m



Work is underway to transform our organisation, ensuring  that it is financially stable, managing demand within resources and growing our income. 

Our new, Council wide, operating model implementation is underway. 

How we commission our services will be core to our new operating model. Therefore, we will transform our strategy and commissioning capabilities, capacity and practices as well as our service delivery models.

Our Strategic, Commissioning and Delivery practices will be embedded in what we do, how we do things and how we work. Our practices will be evidence led, strategically aligned to our outcomes, focused on achieving high quality, cost effective service outcomes through robust performance management.

Our values - The Warwickshire DNA


Our operating model calls for us to strengthen our senior leadership capacity and capability at a Strategic Director level. 

As our Strategic Director of Communities, you will be part of our new senior leadership team working directly to our Chief Executive.

You will contribute to the strategic leadership and management of our organisation creating a high performance culture across our organisation, measured by tangible outcomes and improvements.

Our behaviours


Your scope

Your role will be accountable for any statutory responsibilities that fall within the scope of the services within the Communities Directorate.

You will be responsible for the following services within the Communities Directorate covered by four Assistant Directors:

Environment Services
including transport
and economy
Highways Maintenance, Transport Operations, Fleet Maintenance, Economy and Skills delivery, Regeneration and Infrastructure Delivery, Planning and Development control, Network Management, Food Alleviation, Traffic and Road Safety, Design Services, Waste Services, Country Parks and Rural, Trading Standards, Community Safety, Gypsies and Travellers and CSW Resilience
Communities Transport Strategy, Highways Strategy, Strategic Planning,
Economy and Skills, Strategic Infrastructure, Waste Strategy,
Environment Strategy, Emergency Planning, Heritage and
Community Safety
Education Services Education Strategy, School Sufficiency and Admissions, SEND, School Attainment and Support, Alternative Provision, Virtual
Schools, Adult Learning, County Music, Heritage
Fire and Rescue
Fire and Rescue, Fire Investigation and Prevention, Arson
Reduction, Emergency Response

Shared Strategic Leadership accountability with the Chief Executive and other Strategic Directors.

As an active member of the Chief Executive’s Strategic Leadership team you will be accountable for:
  • developing and establishing the long term (5 year+) Council vision, strategy, policies and medium term financial plan (MTFP).
  • developing and delivering the long term strategic outcomes and objectives and key measures.
  • developing the income and growth plans for the Council.
  • being an ambassador and role model for our vision, values and behaviours with our customers, our employees, our members, our partners and our stakeholders.
  • applying a consistent, corporate approach to everything we do through visible and effective leadership.
  • the successful implementation of our new operating model.
  • leading on key transformational Council wide initiatives, issues and priorities.
  • achieving and maintaining a high performance culture. 
  • providing advice and support to Councillors.
  • committed to the Safeguarding responsibilities of our organisation.
As the Strategic Director of Communities you will be accountable for:
  • developing and implementing the Communities Directorate 3-5 year strategy and improvement plans.
  • the implementation of new business models within the Communities Directorate based on the principles of strategy, commissioning and delivery.
  • the delivery of the medium term financial plans for the Communities Directorate.
  • ensuring services operate within specification, budget and resource envelope.
  • ensuring a robust approach to demand management is embedded across the Communities Directorate to ensure services are delivered in the most cost effective way, using an evidence based approach.
  • ensuring a culture of continuous improvement and high performance across the Communities Directorate that always seeks to offer the best value, quality and outcomes for our customers.
  • identifying and developing robust investment cases to deliver improved operational delivery and improved customer outcomes.
  • ensuring the voice and needs of our customers’ are considered in the development and monitoring and review of services to ensure they are genuinely responsive to their needs and reduce demand.
  • detailing the Communities Directorate commissioning outcomes, intentions and performance framework for the business units within the Communities Directorate.
  • implementing the action plan associated with Our People Strategy across the Communities Directorate.
  • ensuring all staff understand their contribution to our organisations objectives and adopt Our People Vision, values and behaviours.
  • developing the council’s wider leadership role within the communities and with our partners.
  • leading, overseeing and assisting in required emergency planning activity.
  • complying with WCC Health and Safety Policies, procedures and results.
  • ensuring that corporate policies and requirements are compliant throughout the Communities Directorate.
Shaping and influence, you will:
  • promote the interests of the authority externally and represents us at a national, regional and local level.
  • represent the interests of the Council on external bodies and networks.
  • ensure excellent working relationships between all business units and Directorates across the organisation.
  • build and maintain effective relationships with key partners, providers, stakeholders and the wider community to improve outcomes, including securing the right provision arrangements for delivery.
  • maintain an effective framework for consultation with local stakeholder groups.
  • work in partnership with other organisations and suppliers to deliver effective and efficient services to the community.
  • work closely with elected members on  Directorate related issues and support them in delivering effective solutions, ensuring that members are effectively engaged and supported in the work of the Communities Directorate.
  • fulfil the duties assigned to Directors within the Councils Constitution and Scheme of Delegation.
  • promote equality as an integral part of the role, treating everyone with fairness and dignity.
Your personal style
  • an inspirational, motivational, enthusing leader with a clear vision for the organisation and its contribution to the overall development and success of Warwickshire.
  • a strong corporate orientation and a demonstrable commitment to tackling issues in a collective not territorial way.
  • high levels of energy, stamina and personal resilience.
  • highly innovative and forward thinker.
  • personality, conduct and credibility that engages and commands the confidence of all stakeholder groups.
  • a personal commitment to using customer insight to determine the best service delivery models.
  • commitment to personal development, mentoring and coaching to get the best out of yourself and others.
Your knowledge, skills and experience
  • educated to degree level in a relevant subject area, or equivalent by experience.
  • evidence of continuing professional and managerial development including preferably a management qualification.
  • significant experience of leading and managing large scale transformation programmes in complex commissioning and service delivery environments.
  • experience of working with partners to share resources, integrate delivery plans, achieve best outcomes in a highly complex multi-agency commercial environment.
  • ability to initiate and implement creative and innovative approaches and identify new options for doing things differently.
  • highly developed networking, advocacy, written, oral and presentation skills to relate effectively to staff, managers, Councillors, customers, partners and other key stakeholders.
Your leadership and management capabilities specific to the role

In addition they must demonstrate the following role specific competencies:

Leadership and Management
People leadership
  • Shapes the talent strategy to attract and retain the best talent for the organisation. 
  • Effectively delegate; ability to manage up and down the organisation
Management of resources
  • Create and set organisational wide financial targets
  • Meet financial targets and manage budgets
  • Set business targets, time frame plans and financial targets
  • Establish strategic growth planning for the business
  • Evaluate investment proposals to ensure the best use of WCC resources
Organisational leadership
  • Demonstrate strong interpersonal skills, ability to communicate and manage at all levels
  • Galvanise staff, managers and teams to create a high performance culture
  • Demonstrate strong networking, negotiating and business leader skills
  • Promote and develop partnerships to deliver WCC outcomes. 
Strategic planning
  • Determine and set the organisational wide vision, strategy and plan.
  • Set and realise organisational priorities and outcomes
  • Maximise commercial outcomes
  • Identify and evaluate commercial business strategies
Continuous improvement
  • Act as ambassadors for the change and transformation programmes
  • Set and achieve the strategy for organisational transformation using innovation and digital technology
  • Leverage technology to facilitate business process improvement
  • Demonstrate strong problem solving and ability to make decisions based on accurate and timely information
  • Make and implement critical recommendations
  • Demonstrate personal resilience.