Work is underway to transform our organisation, creating one that is financially sustainable, managing demand within available resources and growing our income.

Implementation of our new council wide operating model is underway.

How we commission our services will be core to our new operating model. Therefore, we will transform our strategy and commissioning capabilities, capacity and practices as well as our service delivery models.

Our strategic, commissioning and delivery practices will be embedded in our design principles - what we do, how we do things and how we work. Our practices will be evidence led, strategically aligned to our outcomes, focused on achieving high quality, cost effective service outcomes through robust performance management.

Our design principles

WCC_Design principles_DC_CROP.png

Our values - 'The Warwickshire DNA'


Our behaviours


Leadership and management capabilities specific to both roles:
Leadership & Management
People Leadership • Shape the talent strategy to attract and retain the best talent for the organisation
• Effectively delegate; ability to manage up and down the organisation
Management of Resources • Create and set organisational wide financial targets
• Meet financial targets and manage budgets
• Set business targets, timeframe plans and financial targets
• Establish strategic growth planning for the business
• Evaluate investment proposals to ensure the best use of WCC resources
Organisational Leadership • Demonstrate strong interpersonal skills; ability to communicate and manage at all levels
• Galvanise staff, managers and teams to create a high performance culture
• Demonstrate strong networking, negotiating and business leader skills
• Promote and develop partnerships to deliver WCC outcomes
Strategic Planning • Determine and set the organisational wide vision, strategy and plan
• Set and realise organisational priorities and outcomes
• Maximise commercial outcomes
• Identify and evaluate commercial business strategies
Continuous Improvement • Act as ambassadors for the change and transformation programmes
• Set and achieve the strategy for organisational transformation using innovation and digital technology
• Leverage technology to facilitate business process improvement
• Demonstrate strong problem solving and ability to make decisions based on accurate and timely information
• Make and implement critical recommendations
• Demonstrate personal resilience